education and training is at the heart of what we do
education and training is at the heart of what we do
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In2Ambition works in partnership with local and central governments and not for profit organisations to deliver a range of bespoke Career related services, including:

  • Employability Workshops
  • Work Experience
  • Careers industry related events (Apprenticeships, creative careers, Career Detective Days)

Skills for Employment – Warwickshire County Council

Warwickshire County Council have developed a programme supported by the Economic Development and Education & Learning Units in the Communities group of Warwickshire County Council (WCC). The aim of this new £2.4M programme that will run until 2018 is to improve connectivity between businesses and education providers in order to meet the skills needs of businesses more effectively and provide more sustainable employment opportunities for young people .


Programme Objectives

  1. To align Skills provision more effectively with the needs of local businesses.
  2. To increase and strengthen engagement between businesses and education providers in Warwickshire.
  3. To improve advice and information for young people, parents, education and business about the local labour market, career and employment opportunities and the range of options open to young people.
  4. To improve the ‘journey’ of young people moving from education to work and those not in work by ensuring support is as joined up and effective as possible.
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The Career Hub 

The Career hub is a partnership between Stratford Upon Avon School, In2Ambition and Warwickshire County Council; to connect students, teachers, parents and employers, creating a proactive, visible link, providing accessible face to face and multimedia resources in an environment which is easily accessible, timely and attractive to all.


The Career Hub shares best practise through:

  1. Delivering exciting and innovative workshops and projects.
  2. Engaging work related learning master classes into the curriculum and lessons.
  3. Develop employability skills and foster a better understanding between groups.

It is an interactive high energy model designed and aimed at informing, up-skilling and supporting all, to close the gap and achieve better sustained outcomes for young people and a talent pool for local businesses.

The project (Career Hub) is based at the heart of student life at Stratford Upon Avon School, but with key events open to other local young people, the Hub designs, coordinates and delivers tailored packages to suit your needs and curriculum a wide range of activities throughout the school either before or after school.

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